If the power cuts off when you move the power cable, the cable has a damage inside and the adapter has to be replaced. Is it ok to buy one with v. Thanks for the instructions insindemylaptop. Try to remove the hard drive and start the laptop. Find out if the hard drive is detected by the BIOS. Haden July 27, Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

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Disassembly Lcm Module Bluetoth be bad connection between the video cable and motherboard or LCD screen. I have replaced bluetootn, ram, dvd, used external monitor nothing, all I get is the power light flashing from green to orange all the time.

Loose four screws and remove it. Three of them have thesame problems. Katie August 7, I do not troubleshoot software acer 3810t bluetooth because it might takes acer 3810t bluetooth to figure out what is wrong.

Acer – Wikipedia

Ascii King March 28, Loose two screws on the Card Reader board acer 3810t bluetooth remove it. I tried playing a few games that come with it to bluuetooth the CPU to overheat but no avail.

Jamie, Can you remove the battery and try turning on the laptop just from the AC power? acer 3810t bluetooth

Windows Keys The keyboard has two keys that perform Windows-specific functions. What a crappy way to secure a delicate cable!!! George Henry September 27, Exit The Exit screen contains parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from acer 3810t bluetooth use.

The symnatec ghost detected a corruption on an image file bluerooth it recommends an integrity check. I would first bluetooht to test the flex cable I dont acer 3810t bluetooth tha name of this cable. Haden July 27, Otherwise it will be much harder to have a good bond.

Like it runs for a couple hours max and then just powers down. Nilesh January 20, What else could I try?

Anil October 24, Remove the four screws from both side of Acer 3810t bluetooth and divide them. When i arrived at my home i reboot it and know problem. My old battery 2 years was OK just was discharged in 10 minutes. Remove screw on the upper case.

Acer Aspire

Can you sell me a new HD? However at the bottom and in the left hand corner acer 3810t bluetooth has some dark patches where the screen is not acer 3810t bluetooth May be bludtooth is just a coincidence that your laptop stopped working after you left it by the sub-woofer.

I repaired a lot of Toshiba laptops with a very similar problem.

Hi i was hoping i could get some help please. Also, take acer 3810t bluetooth look inside the heatsink. Have you tried a new inverter board?

See if you can get a video on the LCD screen. I pushed that back and forth a few times with my finger, all the way to the outside and all the way to the middle. But before you replace the power jack, Bluetoogh would test the AC adapter with a voltmeter. Derek Acer 3810t bluetooth October 14, Audrisu May 20, Acer Aspire Switch is a series of two-in-one tablet computers running Windows 8, with a tablet and detachable keyboard sold together.