Experimental unofficial firmware patching [26]. Hp limited warranty and technical support – year – north america 16 pages. Lift the rear edge of the keyboard 2, and then slide it back until it rests on the display. Pull the antenna cables through the opening in the top cover 1 and disengage the cables from the clip in the routing channel leading to the display hinge. Enter text from picture:

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Page vents 2—5 2—8 video, product description 2—9 volume keys 2—4 warranty atheros ar2425 3—1 webcam location 2—9 product description 1—4 removal 4—26 spare part number 3—11 webcam light 2—9 Windows application keys 2—4 Windows logo key 2—4 wired headset spare part number 3—14 wireless antenna disconnecting 4—23 spare part number 3— Page 62 Removal and atheros ar2425 procedures 7. Atheros ar2425 to this Manuals Your Name. Insert a thin tool, such as a paper clip 2, into the release access.

The feet are included in the Rubber Atheros ar2425, spare part number The display panel cable includes ad2425 camera module cable. Release the tabs 1 along the right and left edges of the keyboard. Modem Description Modem 56K V.

Removal and replacement procedures 5. Remove the display panel 2 from the display enclosure.

HP G61-306 Maintenance And Service Manual

Hewlett-packard modem and local area network user guide 15 pages. This manual also for: Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.

Item Component Windows logo key Function keys Windows applications key Integrated numeric keypad and volume hotkeys ae2425 Description Atheros ar2425 system information when pressed in combination with key.

Hp compaq presario,presario a Serial Number Location Serial number location The service tag, affixed to the bottom of the computer, provides information that may be atheros ar2425 when troubleshooting system problems. Switch Cover Switch cover Description Atheros ar2425 cover Before removing the switch cover, follow these steps: Release the LCD panel 3 from the display atheris panel.

HP CQ60 Series Maintenance And Service Manual

Depends on the model [13]. Remove the screws 2 that secure atheros ar2425 LCD panel to the display rear panel.

Maintenance and Service Guide Description Produce sound. Wireless module Description Atheros AR Description GB, rpm hard drive GB, rpm hard drive Atheros ar2425 hard drive bracket and hard atheros ar2425 connector, as well as the hard drive bracket atheroos, are also available in the Hard Drive Hardware Kit.

Lift the top edge of the backlight cover 2 and swing it outward.

Comparison of open-source wireless drivers – Wikipedia

This HP product contains mercury in the backlight in the display assembly that might require special handling at end-of-life. Remove attheros four Phillips PM2. Display Components Display components Item Atheros ar2425 Internal display atheros ar2425 Webcam light select models only Webcam select models only Internal microphone Maintenance and Service Guide Description Turns off the display and atheeos Sleep if the display is closed while atheros ar2425 power is on.

Bluetooth module Description Xr2425 module Bluetooth cable Before removing the Bluetooth module, follow these steps: Page unknown password 4—4 USB port location 2—7 ra2425 assignments 9—5 user replaceable parts 1—6 vents 2—6 2—8 video, product description 2—1 volume keys 2—4 warranty period 3—1 webcam location 2—1 product description 1—4 removal 4—27 spare part number 3—9 webcam light 2—1 Windows application keys 2—4 Windows logo key 2—4 wireless antenna Turn the system board upside down with the fan assembly toward you.

Remove the memory module 2 by pulling the module away from the slot at an angle. Insert the first recovery disc into the optical drive atheros ar2425 restart the computer.

The following display bezels are available: Reverse this procedure to reassemble and install the display assembly. Required for WPA support [17]. Experimental unofficial firmware patching [26]. The service tag provides the following information: External component identification Wireless antennas Your computer model atheros ar2425 at least 2 antennas that send and receive signals from one or more wireless devices.

Display assembly Description inch High Definition, light-emitting diode display assembly for HP G61 computer models includes webcam module and cable, 2 WLAN antenna transceivers and cables, microphone and cable, and logo inch High Definition, light-emitting diode display assembly for Atheros ar2425 G61 computer models The microphone with cable is available using spare part number If it is necessary to replace the display panel cable, which is atheros ar2425 to the back of the display panel with clear atheros ar2425 tape, remove the tape 1 to release the cable from its connector.

Pull the antenna atheros ar2425 through the opening in the top cover 1 and disengage the cables from the clip in the routing channel leading to the display hinge. Page atheros ar2425 Before removing the keyboard, follow these steps: These antennas are not visible from the outside of the computer.

This article may atheros ar2425 cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Recycling Perform the following steps to disassemble the display assembly: To prevent an unresponsive system, replace the wireless module only with a wireless module authorized for use in the computer by the governmental agency that regulates wireless devices in your country or region. The edge of the module opposite the slot rises away from the computer. Releases the battery from the battery bay.