Rebuild your installer using kernel 2. At least two installers for Debian provide installers with “2. A libata-dev patch was posted on Note Brent Norris’s scathing review. The cheaper and cards differ from their and brethren in having some advanced capabilities disabled; they can be upgraded via an extra-cost software key. The Silicon Image chips are not the system-facing chipsets 1 2 , and so don’t determine driver support.

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Alternatively, use the manufacturer’s GPLed driver code. Also, if a card’s price eex8350 it seem too good to be true, it probably is.

Model S-8 8-port card accepts an optional battery backup unit.

Optional battery is available for promise supertrak ex8350 card’s cache, for more reliable operation in the event of power loss, etc. Development code can be retrieved via rsync: The iswraid patch will be merged into kernel 2. Erich Chen of Areca maintains GPLed source code for a “arcmsr” driver for these chipsets also available at unnet. Support greatly improved circa Article also makes the point that the Debian 4. Supported by its own 3w-xxxx and 3w-9xxx driver in 2. The Linux kernel promise supertrak ex8350 near-term plan is to phase out this driver set.

Compatible with Linux’s megaraid2 driver. Promise offers a ” ftsata2 ” proprietary driver open-source wrapper around a binary-only, proprietary core library. An optional battery-backup daughterboard is available.

Serial ATA (SATA) on Linux

VTM South Bridge chipset. Linux often cannot read existing fakeraid promise supertrak ex8350 on such host adapters, unless you’re willing to use proprietary fakeraid drivers where available. Supports the standard AHCI driver interface. Supermicro’s ftp site offers versions of those same proprietary, binary-only drivers.

Others are brand-new and require new supettrak from scratch. An proprietary, high-performance “rrx” driver source code wrapper around binary-only proprietary core libraries, deceptively claimed to be “open source” is available from the manufacturer. Debian installation using Kenshi’s unofficial Debian 3. Reports suggest that Linux’s open-source SiI driver sets from Linux work with this card.

See Silicon Image su;ertrak These are rumoured to be a cheap OEM from someone else, but the chipset promise supertrak ex8350 is unknown. Temporarily add a PATA drive to your system.

Uses a Promise supertrak ex8350 88SX chip.

Serial ATA (SATA) chipsets — Linux support status

Fedora custom CD construction — creating your own custom Fedora-based installer starting from a stock Fedora image, e. Optional battery backup unit is available for the model card’s cache, for more reliable operation in the event of power loss, etc. Probably supports the standard AHCI driver interface unconfirmed. Problematic proprietary Promise supertrak ex8350 i promise supertrak ex8350 drivers for HighPoint fakeraid release 2.

Don’t assume this page’s data are perfect. Its model predecessor was out only briefly, and should be rare. Correspondent Berkley Shands notes that these cards and proprietary drivers are quite CPU-intensive, even pushing a quad-Opteron system a bit. Migrate your system to the SATA drives.

Cache memory add-on hardware module is available for some models OEM versions only, though, not retail.

Users of 3Ware cards should have no problems, though. Contrary to popular promise supertrak ex8350, it includes low-level drivers for many common SATA chipsets. Uses a Silicon Image chip. The default read-ahead promse 8 sectors.


Strings within Silicon Image’s proprietary drivers suggest that that, e, and 4e4e are chipset model numbers with the following “subdevice” promise supertrak ex8350 in their respective families. Per the libata report, a separate block driver, “sx8” not part of libatahas been written for this hardware.

However, Kveton’s instructions page also details how you can create your own custom netinst, e. As ofthis patch isn’t in mainline kernels, however. Press releases says ptomise a “full open source Linux promise supertrak ex8350 — which might be the Marvell driver? Garzik developed it in the 2.

EX card was demoed on One source says these cards promise supertrak ex8350 based on Silicon Image chips, which are probably not the system-facing chipsetsand so don’t determine driver support. As this page is showing the effect of lagging maintenance though its author hasn’t yet given upreaders should seriously consider favouring what is now the most current site for general coverage of this subject: This might be true of some others.

This turns promise supertrak ex8350 to be a Silicon Image variant or A-variant. Adaptec offers proprietary drivers binary-only. Manufacturer’s propriatary, binary only SiSE suoertrak card driver promise supertrak ex8350 supports SiS L, but at presentyou need this in the modules.