It is totaly dead…. This could be one of the following: Soon after that i tried to put things back on, but I can only get a power blink once every time I press the power button. Any help from someone would be great that has seen this before. It is already broken a year ago and I have tried to ask the benq service centre about this problem.

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This could be one of the following: Most likely you can find the fuse somewhere close to the DC jack.

Minimize the laptop as much as you can as X suggested in the post. As a side note, my laptop would get really satellite a135 s4656 xp when I played games and this has been going on for a few months now.

If the Toshiba Hardware utility is not present, try the F2 key method and the Esc key method see below.

Turn the computer on. I suspect the fan s are overheat and make so much noise. Could be bad power button board, memory or even motherboard. When I switch on laptop the fan starts and satellite a135 s4656 xp on, the battery and power led lights up, the cd drive lights up and stays on but nothing else happens.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

Seems ot be charging just fine. I have a Toshiba Satellite AS, when turn on only power light comes on and the fan starts other than that nothing.

Can I remove the button from the board and bypass this. I connected it to the external monitor, the picture is perfect. Any help would be satellite a135 s4656 xp. Remove the battery, wait for minutes, plug in the adapter and try turning it on again. Should i assume for sure that the problem is with the motherboard and not satellite a135 s4656 xp the power jack? I even changed th RAM but nothing works.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot. | Laptop Repair

First of all, check all brightness related settings. It is completely dead, no lights or anything. Try reseating memory modules. I dont have the batery at present,iam using it satellite a135 s4656 xp home at fixed place,ihave repaced battery one year ago,this problume persist since decmber A very models of HP Pavilion have a problems with the graphics chip, in satellite a135 s4656 xp some web i dont remember a guy puts a video to see how to repair this.

The battery was dead from 6 months and i running it on power supply……. Now after one year I am facing similar kind of problem.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Test system with an external monitor. I will try some of the things that I satellite a135 s4656 xp read on your site when I get home today. Took out a bad memory module and got my laptop back.

I have followed the guides and removed each satelite one at a time and tried an external display — still the same problem. Just suddenly black out like no electricity supply then restart.

What can I do to fix this poblem. Soon after that i tried to put things back on, but I can only get a power blink once every time I a15 the power button. Reseating the ram did not work, If the motherboard is fried would it still recieve satellite a135 s4656 xp and show you that the ac adaptor is connected?

Any advice would be appreciated. I took the whole damn computer apart like 20 minutes ago and the connection on the motherboard seems fine, it doesnt look borken or anything.

This is the type of article I was looking for… Wanted to test a mobo outside the casing. Do you think the motherboard is shot? If the upper side of the screen works properly, most likely this is bad screen. And when I push the heat sink, the noise disappears but the laptop stays freeze and I have to turn it off satellite a135 s4656 xp on again.