I did everything and its still not working. If the data is important, please consider taking the drive to a data recovery professional. Typically, a damaging drop or bump results in a value much higher than Thanks Rohit, I tried your solution and restarted my PC to load the changes. I can not formate my micro sd card with my computer every time it tells the media is write protected. When i placed my memory card in my cell it asked password so i called up my friend and asked him the password.

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A professional would probably make a careful image transcend jf v30 2gb the drive with a program like Gnu ddrescue and then attempt recovery of data from that image to avoid degradation of the data that would likely occur if working directly on the drive.

Luckily I found your page here. Transcend jf v30 2gb sees almost all fields correct partition size, hexidecimal type, offset, etc… except only two: What does everyone do with their horses around there? Unfortunately, that is an indication of physical damage and a recovery needs to be done by a professional data recovery lab with special transcend jf v30 2gb.

Thank you Sir Asraaf for your response! Himanshu Rajput August 6, at 6: Does it mean that my data is gone? I followed ur steps, but.

I would appreciate any advice or recommendation. I tried ur way but the problem is still there.

The unseen folders are seen by me when i scan them using my antivirus. PhotoRec is included in the TestDisk folder and can find and piece together raw data pretty well but its use is beyond the scope of this post.

usb drive not detected | pen drive not detected | pen drive problem | drive letter

HD jumpers transcend jf v30 2gb, Bios detection…. It seems ok when restoring but iPOD does not come back after iTunes finishes the restore proceedure. Please i still want to know about how i can make my bluetooth in my system work, i mean how can i connet my phone to my system.

I followed transcend jf v30 2gb the steps and cannot find anything physical wrong with the drive, I then continued to follow steps provided in the tutorial, see below for steps. I followed all the steps you mentioned.

Remove Write Protection On USB Pen Drive or Memory Card or iPod

I transcend jf v30 2gb the afore-mentioned solution to remove write protection out of my memory card but the write protection option in the registry editor is not added or listed. Hi i have done all the steps but i find problem when i found my files by pressing P.

Please help me with this. Is there any Registry Cache or Franscend Cache which i am missing to delete?

Transcend jf v30 2gb can you fix transcend or jet flash drive in one minute. Hi all, i inserted my 16 GB moserbaer pendrive in a computer, after that it is not being detected in any computer. I have done that on 2 seperate computers with no results on either. When I went to bed at midnight, aboutfiles had copied ok with 11 failures. I download the version 1. Silicon power formatter v 3.

I have a problem with my external hard drive, when I try to open it its say I must format it before I can open it. Actually wat transcend jf v30 2gb is my friend took transcend jf v30 2gb memory card to copy some photos while doing so he kept the password to my memory card in his cell and he gave me back and went his native. Hf found my pendrive only in the devices but could not open it. What do I do. It says about 10, files have copied ok tarnscend 3 failed copies.

Soo many thanx for solve my problem……………….

The full guide of Best USB flash drive repair software

Dear, I need your help! Can u open flash cover and write to me the info on the small black chip?

Regardless of whether a boot sector repair is required or not, you will end up at this screen where all you can do is press enter.